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Welcome To AnimeStock's Weekly AMV Wars AnimeStock is a community of passionate otakus under the video editing niche. We love AMVs, we love anime and we have launched a new AMV (Anime Music Video) competition called Weekly AMV War to enable and challenge emerging video editors and unlock their potential one clip at a time to compete against each other in a BLOODLESS AMV WAR..

Are you an epic AMV editor? Prove it and win. Join your favorite clan, make AMVs and do battle with other pro editors like yourself. We accept submissions from anybody and everybody, local or foreign, beginner or professional, attending or non-attending. Registration is simple. You only have to be a member of AnimeStock and join a clan to participate. Each participant will represent their respective clan and is allowed only one submission at a time. Clans are automatically indexed on the fight bracket and their members pitched to do battle against members from other clans.
There are NO JUDGES. It gets political. Fans will have the chance to cast their votes. It all comes down to which clan has the best AMV and it's up to the fans to decide that.
There's a countdown timer for the commemncement of the war and all participants who have submitted their entries will be notified via email once the countdown drops to 0:00:000:0000.
All members of AnimeStock in general are also notified so they get to watch all of the finalists and vote for their favorites!. It's simple democracy. Owners of AMVs with the highest votes are decleared the winner and the overall best AMV is featured on the front-page of WAW so more people can watch and learn from it.

weekly amv wars animestock

What is a BattleBot?
AS_BattleBot is our official WAW management bot. It lurks around the site like a Ninja in the shadows waiting for the next participant to submit an entry so that it pitches him with an opponent and sets a date for their battle. The BattleBot has managerial priviledges on AnimeStock and ensures that all battles are fought fairly. The BattleBot will randomly pitch clans against each other and entry submissions will be open to all eligible members to submit their AMVs. Once the deadline for submissions have passed, the BattleBot will then add all participants who have submitted their entries to the fight bracket. It's an automatic process. The BattleBot will automatically block multiple submisions and not allow a member to upload the same Amv which has already been submitted by another member or used in a previous battle.

The BattleBot also anounces the entrances and exits of clan members on the chat as well as send them updates about their upcomming battles. Once a participant has submitted their entries, the BattleBot will now try to find another participant from their opponent clan who has also submitted and pitch both participants to do battle. then it pings both participant's clans to anounce their submission.

The whole point of the challenge is to see what the diverse talent among all the AnimeStock members will do differently, using their personal vision, references, attitudes, skills and approaches to editing. You’re free to choose from a viriety of anime clips but the audio will be provided by us. There are no runner-ups, no second and third places, Only one winner. Remember, fighters are all selected at random, this means you could be put up againts anyone so be sure to put some extra effort into making your AMV stand out more than your opponent's whomever it may be. And most importantly, HAVE FUN!

AnimeStock's Weekly AMV Wars is open to both spectators and participants.

As you already know, AnimeStock does not provide a file server for submissions rather we employ the use of third party applications such as Youtube.

By submitting your works, you are giving the AnimeStock the right to publish them and promote them in media channels associated with the weekly amv wars, including all partner platforms and servers, its YouTube channel, and forums.

All entries must be received before the registration deadline and battle will begin 2-3 days after. Participants who have been set up to face each other will get notified and once the countdown drops to 0, the one with the highest votes is automatically declared the winner.

Participants must be the primary creator of all AMVs that they enter. You are not permitted to use someone else's video or you will be disqualified. Follow the rules and keep it decent NO HENTAI, NO LOLIS, NO NUDITY, NO VIOLENCE.

If you have any questions, please contact an admin on our discord server

WAW is open to anyone, provided the entry complies with the
following rules.

  • Audio we provided must be included in your AMVs. This is the first and most important requirement in order to pass the pre-judgement phase and qualify.
  • No logos or watermarks
  • No special credits
  • No sexual material related to minors. DO NOT submit anything that has visually identifiable underage girls or boys performing sexual or perverted acts.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any entry if we feel it is deemed inappropriate. If this happens to you and you feel it was unjust, you may appeal to a Sannin member or admin.
  • AMVs must be at least 30 seconds long and no more than 5 minutes long.
  • Please only submit your Original works. You will be disqualified from the war if the submission is found to be another person’s work.

You are not required to be present for the war thanks to our BattleBot providing updates to all eligible participants. It is highly recommended that the winners be present, but any winners who are not present will be contacted after the event via e-mail. Arrangements will then be made for the winner to receive the associated prize(s).

How To Participate


Becoming a member of a clan is mandatory if you want to participate in the war. You can easily join a clan by visiting their profile and clicking the "Join" button. Clans are a group of editors who come together as a team to communicate, share ideas and contest with other members from other clans in a bloodless AMV war. Please note that you cannot be a member on multiple clans. If you attempt to join Clan B while still being a member on Clan A, Our BattleBot will automatically switch your membership on both clans. You can join any clan you want however, you will be charged 5 nakama points on every join request.
You are free to have discussions and converse with your team on the clan chat as long as you are a member. The chat helps members communicate, share tips and plan ahead of battle. It is also the best place to receive updates from the BattleBot.

weekly amv wars animestock

We encourage all clan members to chat freely and respect everyone. No abusive/racism/sexual language allowed. If you fail to adhere to the rules then a Kage member is free to ban you.


Every warrior requires a weapon before heading off to battle. Your AMV is your weapon. We are aware that making an AMV is a difficult process which requires a lot of skill and patience, therefore we give participants enough time to prepare, create, edit and upload to their youtube channel usually about 6-8 days. We will be selecting the song which all participants must use on their videos. This will help prevent heavy copyright infringements on random songs. Also it's easier for fans to judge an AMV based on how it responds to the rythm of the music. It's also a form of satisfaction when your AMV gets more votes than your opponent's despite using the same song on both AMVs. Making AMV’s and watching them is fun, but joining the competition and seeing your AMV on the big screen being viewed by hundreds of users is even better!. You must have your AMV ready before the deadline.


Uploading your AMV is the easiest part. Once your edit is ready, publish it on your youtube channel, and make sure to include the hashtag #AnimeStock or #AnimeStockWAW, in the description or title of the video. Take note of the video ID because you will be needing it later to finalize your submission.


You're almost set. Get the video ID of your AMV. This is very important as you won't be allowed to submit your entry without it.
How to get your video ID:
Go to your uploaded video on youtube and copy the parts after https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= as displayed on the image below. DO NOT COPY THE FULL LINK! just the video ID pointing to your AMV on youtube. Entries with links will be ignored and unlisted.

weekly amv wars animestock

Next, paste the ID and fill up the rest of the form fields, submit and the rest is up to the BattleBot to decide who you will face in battle. You and your chosen opponent will receive an email update about the date of your battle. When the due date is reached, all members of AnimeStock will be notified to come and vote. If your AMV gets more votes than your opponent's, a win is counted for your clan while a loss is counted for your opponent's.

weekly amv wars animestock

WARNING! On no account should you submit someone else's video, a lot of fans would watch and cast their votes and some of them will most likely recognized that the video you uploaded doesn't belong to you. If it is brought to our notice, You will be penalized and your account/IP address will be banned from ever returning to this website. Also our BattleBot will not allow you to submit a video ID that has already been submitted by someone else or used previously in a war.

Required Song

Your entry must not contain any other audio piece or music besides the one provided by us. Be sure to download and include it while making your AMV.

Countdown To WAW

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